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Boyd Ingram

Berea, KY, late 1950s-early 1960s

In his home base around Berea, KY, Boyd Ingram was billed as a "16 year old better than Elvis". Maybe not....but he did get a chance to make a 45 for Cincinnati's Ark label. The record is a pretty good rock 'n' roll record that credits the Casinos on backing vocals, one of the few rock records on a label that issued a lot of gospel and bluegrass.

He was listed performing a few times in the 1950s, well before the 45, along with another Ark recording artist from the same area, Old Joe Clark. 

In 1966 he is listed as part of a multi act country show playing Coshocton. There were no other newspaper mentions. There is a 1974 obituary for a Boyd Ingram Jr in Kentucky but the age listed was 44, 12 years older than guy described in the 1958 story.

I Want To Take You Out / When I Flirt - Ark 293, 1963