the Canterburys

Cleveland, 1965-7

A group from the southwestern suburbs of Cleveland that played local clubs and dances. The band was started by Gary Hoopengardner aka Gary Darnell (guitar, vocals), and included Greg Burnett (sax, vocals), Doug Barack (bass), and Bill McCracken (drums). The band was managed by Jimmy Testa.

They recorded one rare and fairly unknown 45 on Tema, but it's a good record. "I'm Sorry" (written by Gary Darnell) is a good garagey stomper with a sax solo, while "If You Ever Leave Me" (written by Greg Burnett) is a nice attempt at 'baroque' pop with flute.  The record was recorded at Audio. 

Gary Darnell and Greg Burnett joined the City Squires after the Canterburys disbanded.