Cleveland, 1968-75

A now-legendary heavy psych/rock band that has origins in Cleveland's western suburb of North Olmsted. Singer Bill Pettijohn and guitarist Tom Brehm (also spelled Brame) started Sunrise after Brehm was in the teen garage band the Mortycyans. With Skip Foster (keyboards), Gary Sanger (drums) and Jeff Richards (bass) they recorded a 45 at long defunct studio in Garfield Heights. The now very rare 45 on the EJ label includes the first recording of "Fire Climbs" and another original, "Flowers Grow Free". After a short liver stint as Speed, Pettijohn and Brame teamed up with Kenny Staab (from Olmsted Falls) on keyboards, Mike Gerchak (bass), and Brame's old Mortycyans drummer Jack Boessneck to re-emerge as Dragonwyck. Their Doors-influenced style of psych rock was captured on a demo LP in 1970 which is now very collectible. The band continued to evolve, adding Moody Blues like progressive rock elements including a Mellotron. A second demo LP was recorded in 1973 (including a couple remakes of songs from the first LP). More changes were in store, including gigs and recording under the names of Flying Turns (the name of a thrill ride at the defunct Euclid Beach Park) and Fun (a Gentle Giant influenced period), before the band called it quits. Bill Pettijohn and Tommy Brame started a popular Doors tribute band, Moonlight Drive, in the 1980s.