the Impacts

Miamisburg, 1960-5

Band member Jim England tells the story of his band the Impacts - "The Impacts were together from 1960 to 1965. The leader, John Krebs from West Carrollton, had another commitment the night this photo was taken, thus Palmer was subbing. Krebs could play sax, guitar, and keyboards as well as bass. The other original members were England, Riverside; Zimmerman, Miamisburg; Shuey, Germantown; & Taylor, Riverside. With the exception of Shuey, the others were together for the duration. We had several drummers during that time. Buddy Himes did vocals and played bass and Lamar McClellan did vocals for a while. Vocalists like drummers came & went. At times Tom Sears drummed with us & Ken Grogen did vocals. Our summer gig from '61-'64 was at an outdoor beer garden in Russel's Point, Ohio at Indian Lake at a place called "BARRS". A Bellfontaine newspaper gave the band, and me specifically, credit for causing the 4th of July riots there. As I recall they wrote "the loud so-called music by a band led by Jim England caused the riot" The owner made them print a retraction as to the quality of the music. They just didn't dig rock n' roll! The military draft put an end to the band. I played with some others for a few years including Fred Leverton, ND Smart, Guy Shealander, & Tom Sears. Like the other three remaining original members I ended up in the Air Force. Zimmerman actually spent his enlistment in an Air Force rock band. I still played some country music in "no name" bands in Eagle, Moose Clubs, etc. until about 1984. The early years were the greatest time of my life!"