the Incrowd

Hillsboro, 1965-7

Formed from the Ashes of 2 other local bands. Mike Waddell (Bass), Larry Zuggs (Vocals) were both formally from the Playboys. Randy Applegate (Guitar), Jay Cooper (Drums) were both formerly in the Barons. Rounding out the group was Charles Murphy (Organ), and Paul "Bud" Long (Guitar). Late in 1965 the band decided that they needed to record a record in order to have something to give out for promotional purposes. Mike Waddell was the guy in charge of the promotion and booking of the band and he had contacts at Mega Sound Studio.

They went into the studio with the intention of recording a couple of cover tunes, but someone at the studio suggested they record originals. Well they didn't have any originals so the proceeded to write the songs Set Me Free and Feel It right their on the spot. They had 500 copies pressed.

They continued to play locally and landed a job as the house band at the Mini Bar in Greenfield Ohio. Their song list included mostly R&B covers of the day as well as Stones, Kinks, and Animals songs on occasion.

research and story by Matt Baker