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the Inner Prism / Prism

Conneaut, 1968-9

The Inner Prism were not together for long but they left a great recorded legacy.

The band included Don Laurila on drums, Denny Vorse on guitar, and Gilbert Dixon on bass.

The band's first recording was backing N. Patrick Williams on his classic "Bad Seed" If that wasn't enough, the band recorded their own 45, which Patrick released on his own Confederate label. The band name is listed as Prism. It's a great 2 sider, with a heavy blaster on one side and a moody downer on the flip, similar to Williams' 45s. 

The band only played on the "Bad Seed" 45 by Patrick, his other 45s used different players.

Denny Vorse is deceased. Don Laurila has played in many bands over the years. For a while he had lived in Cleveland and helped record the Clocks "Ticktockman" 45

What Can We Say / It Is Too Late - Confederate 4, 1968