the Inside Experience

Lakeside, 1967-72

A hard rockin' quartet from the Christian resort community of Lakeside on Lake Erie's Marblehead Peninsula. They played north coast clubs like Gem Beach and the Note (including once with the Glass Harp), and several venues in Michigan. In late 1968 they recorded their lone 45 at Courier, a cover of Cream's "Tales of Brave Ulysses" and a thundering original, "Be On My Way", an fantastic example of "garage hard rock" with snotty attitude and rippin' guitar courtesy of lead singer/guitarist Marty Soski. The band sold out of the 500 pressing thanks to a couple spins on Windsor/Detroit radio powerhouse CKLW. Autographed copies were sold for $1!. On one trip to Flint, MI the band had a hard time getting rooms at a Holiday Inn since the Who's Keith Moon drove a car into the pool a couple weeks before! After the Inside Experience's demise, Marty Soski played in several Ohio style hard rock bands including Lance, X-Calibur, and Black Rose, recording one 45 with each band.