the Intertains

Cleveland, 1965-9

The Intertains were a soul/R&B vocal group started by Larry Hancock. The group included Hancock, Donald Rice, Larry Pierce, and Deloyd “Bud” Holly. They played the local Cleveland area clubs, and were backed by the group Satan's Sinners (later the Headliners) at those appearances. A live recording exists of one of those club gigs.

The group recorded 4 sides in Detroit using studio musicians. The songs were all composed by group members (primarily Hancock). The first 45 "Gotta Find A Girl" b/w "I See The Light" was a local hit. The sides were released on the Capitol records teen/R&B subsidiary Uptown records. We presume the company and group got together through Cleveland's strong Capitol Records talent pipeline.

Larry Hancock left the band, was in some groups before joining S.O.U.L. and later, Truth, but the Intertains continued to peform with no additional recordings. A 1970s group called the Entertains (recorded on the Steel City label) has no connection. While Hancock was in the group, he co-wrote a song with the O'Jays Bobby Massey called "Working On Your Case", which was recorded by the O'Jays and became a modest R&B hit.

Larry Hancock is still performing in the Cleveland area. The other members whereabouts are unknown.

Gotta Find A Girl / I See The Light (Uptown 717)
Glad I Found You / Need Your Love (Right Now) (Uptown 729)
Some copies of this record have the B side labelled as "I Gotta Find Out For Myself", but play "Need Your Love". We're not aware of any copies that play a different song.
Some discographies claim "Am I Glad", Uptown 730, as by the Intertains. This is incorrect, the record in question is by a rock-n-roll band called the Interns (no connection to the Interns band on BuckeyeBeat).

Thanks to Jeff Beckman