the Invaders / Intrigues

Hilliard, 1963-8

Started as an instrumental band by Junior High School friends. Band members were Greg Hamm - Drums, Jim Entsminger – Lead Guitar, Charles Stanley – Bass, Jerry Crabbe – Rhythm Guitar and Dave Palmer – Lead Vocals.

They played regularly at the Hilliard Grange Hall as well as local dances at the schools. Other local hot spots the band played were the Ark in Upper Arlington were they opened for the Byrds, Valley Dale, Dolphin Club, The Gator Hut. They also played many battle of the bands including The Vox Battle at Valley Dale and the Famed Northland Battle in 1967, but they didn’t make the cut to get on the LP.

When they auditioned at the Dolphin Club late in 1965 they were approached by a man that would become their manager. He suggested that they change their name from the Invaders to the Intrigues. The name change was initiated because of the “new” network tv series was getting ready to air. Their set list included lots of covers of “British Invasion” bands such as The Stones, Byrds, Kinks, Animals, etc.

In December of 1965 Jim Entsminger’s parents decided to give the band a Christmas present. They paid for the band to make a record. They booked time on Dec 22nd at Capitol City Sound Productions in Columbus and recorded a great garage disc. Songs were a cover of The Animals “ We Gotta Get Out Of This Place” and the Original “ I Used To Love You Baby”. Band members state that there were between 100-250 pressed but they don’t remember for sure. They were mostly just given to friends and never sold.

They disbanded in 1968 with Jim forming a band called SW Taffy that played in the area for a few years. Greg Hamm went on to play in a short lived band called “Kit Carson’s Fish Market and Saltine Storage Company” which played a lot of Jefferson Airplane covers.

Story and research by Matt Baker