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Ivan and the Sabers (Sixth Day Creation)

Centerville/Cincinnati, 1960-69


One of the longest lived SW Ohio bands that started in the instrumental rock era and lasted through the garage band, psych, and hard rock genres. The band was started in 1960 by some Centerville High School students, primarily guitarist Dale "Ivan" Browne (source of the band name) and singer/keyboard player Larry Butler. The other members were Fred Meyer (drums), Jim Cox, and Jerry Hawkins. The band played locally, recorded a couple instrumental demos (apparently lost to time) before getting spotted by Andy Apperson of Prism records. They recorded their first 45, "Just Let Her Go", and the well crafted combination of Dayton soul and British Invasion styles propelled the record to major airplay all over Ohio. A book by popular writer Bob Greene about his senior year at a Columbus high school references the band and record. A follow up 45, "Listen To Me" did not fare as well, although fans of the 60s garage sound consider it their best recording. The band continued to be widely popular but changes were coming. A three band shakeout had Ivan leaving the band to be replaced by Ron Luttrel of the Driving Winds. Art Alinkoff replaced Meyer on drums and Fred Leaverton was the bass player, with Cox and Hawkins departed.


Shortly after, the band relocated to Cincinnati and played the Cincinnati area college and club scene extensively. They went to Europe and played their from about September to November, 1967. When they returned, Rick Coghill replaced Ron Luttrel The band recorded several songs at King recording studio from 1967 and 1968, six of which were released on Counterpart.


In 1969 the band released a 45 under the name Sixth Day Creation for Laurie records. The A-side, "Cherry Pie", was a loca hit. The Sixth Day Creation name was used only on the 45

The band continued into late 1969 before disbanding. Larry Butler played with East Orange Express, then got a job in the music business and rose to a high level job and WEA records. After the band member swap, Ivan joined ex-members of Tony and the Bandits to form the Lemon Pipers (Tony Brazis joined the remaining members of the Driving Winds to form the Chosen Lot). Later members Fred Leverton and Alex Alinkoff played in several bands post-Sabers.


Just Let Her Go / It's Not Like You(Prism 1893) c. 6/64
Listen To Me / I Want To Know (Prism 1911) c. 12/64
Listen To Me / I Want To Know (Prism 1916) c. 1/65
My Mind Cries Out / I Looked At You (Counterpart 2615/6) c. 11/67
Think Of Me / The Great Potato Famine of '71 (Counterpart 2623/4) 1968
Cherry Pie / You're Better By Far _Laurie 3483, 1/69
Cozy / Stereo (Counterpart 2645/6) c. 9/69