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the Lowbrows (#2) / 1984

Columbus, 1966-70

This band started as the Lowbrows,  having asked permission of the first Lowbrows band to use their name. The band members included  Jim Jory (guitar), Jim Cattle (bass), Jim Salvatore (keyboards), MIke Patterson (drums) and Rick White (singer). Mike Patterson had been in the Mayflower Proposition.

The band was managed by Shad Day productions who also managed the Gears. Sometime in 1969, Carl Day (the Day of Shad Day) asked them to adopt a record that had been recorded by another band. The record in question had been recorded at Allen-Martin in Louisville by the Next of Kin band from Crooksville, who were also managed by Carl Day. The Next of Kin had disbanded before the record could come out so the Lowbrows changed name to 1984 and got behind the 45, released on Counterpart. If this story sounds familiar, the Muphets and Muffets executed a nearly identical deal for a record also, not coincidentally, on Counterpart.

The band played locally for a year or so until disbanding in 1970. Jim  Jory and Jim Cattle are deceased.

For You And For Me / If You Want To Know - Counterpart 2641/2, c. August 1969