the New Bangs

Dayton, 1966

The New Bangs were in reality, two groups - one that layed down the crazy "Go Go Kitty" and the other that recorded a second 45. The first New Bangs were a studio combination that included members of the Dawks (all guys) and the Bangs (all girls) - so the monicker of New Bangs. The A side of the 1st Bangs 45, "Get Back in Your Tree" was written by Charlie Gore, who we guess is the famed country music guy. The flip side, a wigged out mix of period go-go music themes, featured the Bang girls in effect (one of them plays the prominent "chank" guitar part as well).

The second "New Bangs" 45 we believe was recorded by members of the Dawks without any of the Bangs, after Terry Lawson had left.