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15-60-75 (the Numbers Band)

Akron, 1970 -

15-60-75 aka the Numbers Band have been playing their unique style of blues/jam rock/free jazz for neary 5 decades. Unlike other Akron artists like Devo, Tin Huey, Waitresses, Rubber City Rebels, Chrissie Hynde, they never bothered to chase the brass ring and were happy to pack local clubs like JBs to a fan base that never gets enough.

The band formed in 1970 around singer/guitarist Robert Kidney and  saxophonist Terry Hynde (Chrissie's brother). After the original band broke up after a year or so, Robert joined up with his brother Jack , a multi-instrumentalist. Gerald Casale of Devo was a short lived member but was kicked out when he tried to bring his ideas into the band, which helped lead to the formation of Devo. The Kidney brothers and Hynde have been the core of the band since.

In 1976 the band recorded a live LP at the Cleveland Agora called "Jimmy Bell's Still In Town" on their own Water Street label, named for a main street in downtown Kent. It sold well locally.  A year or so later, they had a 45 out on Pere Ubu's Hearthan records, probably the only local label that was in tune with their sound.

They recorded a full studio LP in 1982, "Numbers Band 2", and a third LP "Among The Wandering" in 1987, and"Hotwire" in 1992. During the 1990s, they ventured outside of NE Ohio, playing shows in Los Angeles, London, and Europe.

The band released a couple more LPs in the 2000s and had a big 45th anniversary party in 2015. Most likely there will be a 50th party in 2020.