the Nutrons (le Bleu Monde)

Columbus (Gahanna), 1963-8

The Nutrons were a tight, southern style R&B band that included some Columbus high school and college students. The band included Joe Reight (bass), Bob Seitz (guitar and vocals), Charles "Buddy" Wood (sax and vocals), Dave Smith (drums). Reight had previously been in the Debonairs, and Smith was from Fremont. The group was a mixed race group - Buddy was black and the other members white.

Bob Hill recalls: "The bass player, Joe Reight, one of the first to have an electric, played on the "Debonairs" recording. (The late?) Bob Seitz was the guitarist and singer. Good at both, he sounded just like Ray Charles when he wanted to. He was an influence on me from the Vet's Memorial record hop days. I have visited his apartment. He drank coffee with either booze or cough syrup the morning I was there. He didn't think much of my amateur talents at that time; I didn't yet know what a "blues progression" was."

The group recorded several 45s on Fabar, Federal, Eldee, and Counterpart. The Counterpart 45 was issued under the name of Le Bleu Monde.

Dave Smith was later a member of Strongbow.