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Penny North

Cleveland, mid 1960s


Penny North was a teen singer. She was managed or promoted by Marque Davis Jr, a musician turned emcee who worked in a few Cleveland clubs, including the Red Carpet Lounge in 1968. We know more about Marque than Penny, who doesn't show up in any local papers except for one show at the Music Box in November 1966, promoted by Tony Luke, who worked with Boddie.

Penny recorded a 45 at Boddie with Marque Davis Jr. credited as A&R. It's a very nice soul 45 on both sides, with the Motown-ish "Thought I Had A Good Thing" and the bluesier "Satisfied" both worthy of spins. The songwriter was Bill Straight, about which we know nothing.

The word is that Penny North was a stage name for Audrey Beard. Audrey was listed as performing with Cynthia Woodard and others in a Call and Post story from late 1966, only a few months after the 45.

Satisfied / Thought I Had A Good Thing - Luau 5590. Aug 1966 (8-22-66 date on paperwork)