Ronnie and the Rainbows

Amherst, 1962-66

Ronnie and the Rainbows were founded by guitarist Ron Zehel and some school pals including John Tassone on drums. They recorded a 45 at Audio Recording that coupled two guitar/sax instrumentals. Through Redda Robbins the record had a release on the Philadelphia based Landa label. The group was a very popular club band in the Lorain county and north coast area. 

In 1965 the band lineup was Ted Zaborniak (lead vocals), Ron Zehel (guitar), Al Szucs (bass), Joe Szucs (sax), John Tassone (drums). The group recorded a second 45 at Cleveland Recording, covering two songs originally recorded by Ricky Nelson - "Gypsy Woman"/"Only the Young". "Gypsy Woman"  features a classic Cleveland sound mixing bluesy guitar licks, droning sax, and strong vocals. 

Ted Zaborniak - " Ron and the guys and I went into Cleveland Recording to record the two songs. While there Joe Segal heard us and signed us to Clevetown records. Following that we appeared on the Jerry G TV show, which was kind of the American Bandstand in Cleveland. WKYC, the 50,000 watt station, was playing the record 24 hours a day. Records sold ourt locally in just a few days, however the record company was late in pressing more and eventually the record lost momentum. We continued to do personal appearances  with Jerry G and remained active in the local nightclub scene."

After the band broke up, Ron and another former member were in the Showmen. John Tassone is deceased.

Loose Ends / Sombrero - Landa 667, 1962
Gyspy Woman / Only The Young - Clevetown 129, 1965

Thanks to Ted Zaborniak