the Sands Ov Tyme

Athens/Cincinnati, 1966-8

The Sands ov Tyme (yes, that is how the name was spelled - insert a "1960s" joke here....) were based out of Ohio University for a time, but at least two if not more of the members were from Cincinnati and played in bands there.

The band recorded a 45 with Gary Rhamy at the OU radio station, and Rhamy released it on his Discotech label. They cut a version of the Joe Tex song "You've Got What It Takes" backed with an original written by Mike Cornett, one of the Cincinnatians. The 45 was done in March 1967 and got some airplay on the Athens AM station.

You Got What It Takes (To Take What I Got) / Little Bird (Discotech no # - QCA 70326) March '67