the Decades / Rats

Akron, 1963-5

The Decades started as students in Ellet High School in Akron as a Ventures styled instro combo. Constant gigs at local teen dances gave them monentum to record their 1st 45 at the WAKR radio station. 300 copies of "Come On Pretty Baby" and "Strange Worlds" (an instrumental that harkened back to their Ventures period) were sold quickly. In late '64 producer Terry Rose, then based in Canton, approached the group with a idea to make a novelty record relating several teen pop culture trends, including the Kingsmen hit "Jolly Green Giant" and the Annette Funicello/Frankie Avalon beach movies. The result was the indescribable genius of "The Rat's Revenge". At the recording session, the Decades did about 8 takes, none of which had the proper stupidity quotient for success. At 1 AM, with parents waiting, they did the last take, the one issued as "Rat's Revenge Pt. 1". The next night they returned to the studio to record "Pt. 2", totally improvised with no rehersal (yes, Pt. 1 was rehearsed!). Shortly after, Mr. Rose went to Florida, and after some time of no communication, the record was delived to the band. The Decades disbanded in mid '65 with the graduation of several members. A couple members started a new band, the Showmen.