Randy and the Viceroys / Forvms

Dayton, 1963-7?

Randy and the Viceroys were a band of students from Wilbur Wright High School in Dayton. The band included Randy Emerick (sax), Erick Meyer (guitar), Dale Meyer (drums), Raplh Pence (keyboards), George Dalhamer (bass), Jim Dossett (vocals), and Royce Shirley (vocals). The band recorded one 45 for the Airway label, both sides are good examples of the Dayton rock/R&B hybrid sound.

Randy and Royce left the band and the group renamed themselves the Forvms( a 'Latin' spelling of Forums). They participated in the WONE Dayton battle of the bands and earned a place on the LP for their original song "Bring It On Back". The popularity of this song got Prism to release it on a 45. Randy Emerick continued in music, check out his myspace page - www.myspace.com/saxpsychosis

Stay With Me / Why Must You Go (Airway 175)
Bring It On Back / I Remember You (Prism 1940) c. April 1966