Rainbow Canyon

Cleveland, 1972-75

Rainbow Canyon provided energetic, danceable rock that packed the Cleveland Agora on Sunday nights as well as every other club in town. Originally known as Rainbow, they added Canyon when they got a record deal with Capitol. The group was formed by former Charade members Buddy Maver and Billy Hanna, who joined up with other Cleveland veterans Greg Grandillo (Fully Assembled), Chet Florence (Sensations – the soul group on Way Out), and Norm Cotone, with the goal of band that could have five part harmonies, and a danceable, slightly funky groove, not unlike Three Dog Night or the Doobie Brothers.

The band recorded some demos and got a deal with Capitol records, with whom they released the LP "Rollin' in the Rockies" and two 45s pulled from the LP. The record got some action but Capitol decided not to release a follow-up.

For more information, check out the band's web site - rainbowcanyon.net