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Cleveland, 1973-1981

Rapscallion were a long running Cleveland band who self-released a couple of successful (locally) 45s. The band started in 1973 by four Parma teenagers, Frank Linx (guitar - left handed), Greg Marquez (guitar), Jim Szendel (bass), and Darryl Bem (drums). 

Right from the start the band was interested in playing original songs and got some resistance for it. They made their first 45 in January of 1975, with a couple of original songs that sounded like 1964/5 Beatles songs, rather out of place for the times.

During the second half of the 1970s the band invested a lot in equipment and strove to be a concert time band with many original songs and professional stage show. They played a lot outside of Cleveland.

In 1979 they releases their second 45 "Rain Or Shine". This record got steady airplay on WMMS and M105 and boosted the band's popularity. The A side is a fine Anglo influenced rocker that sounds crisp and confident. They kept the momentum going with the third and last 45 "Anytime". By this time, Adrian James had replaced Jim Szendel. 

The band seems to have broken up early in 1981. Frank Linx played with former Babys front man John Waite for a while.

Long As Your Loving Me / Sorry If I Led You On - Rap no #
Rain And Shine / Just A Rapscallion - World Records 888, Artists master 790241, Feb 1979
Anytime / Going Through The Motions (PS) - World Records 80, 1980