the Ravens

Columbus (Upper Arlington), 1963 - present

The Ravens, 1966, at an Otterbein College dance

The Ravens were formed in 1963 by students at Upper Arlington High School. Gary Hughes was the band leader.

The Ravens played school dances and clubs in the Columbus area. In 1965 they recorded a 45 at Magnetic Recording, a cover of the Barbarians' hit "Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl", an interesting arrangement with prominent sax. The flip was an original, "Imagine Me and You". A few months later the band re-recorded the songs, adding a fuzz guitar sound to "Are..Girl". It's possible this was recorded at Musicol. Both records were issued on the band's own Bowery label.

The Ravens have been playing continuously for 40+ years, with personnel changes. They play oldies shows for festivals and clubs.