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the Rebounds

Columbus, 1964-8

The Rebounds were one of the first Columbus bands to play the British sounds coupled with R&B and a mid-Ohio club sensibility. The group was lead by guitarist Tom Williams. Other members, not confirmed, included Bob Bishop (bass), Will Finch (keyboards), David Day (drums), Brady Wanger (lead vocals, guitar), Dave Manley (rhythm guitar). The band members were students at Brookhaven High School. The 'Bounds, as they were known around town, won the city-wide 1965 Northland Shopping Center Battle of the Bands. The group quickly ascended to the top of the Columbus scene and stayed there for a year or so.

Winning the band battle got them a contract with Tower Records. The group pulled the Paul Revere and Raiders LP cut "I'm Not Your Stepping Stone" and recorded it along with "Little Black Egg" and "Since I Fell For You" at Bell Sound in New York City. Tower released "Stepping Stone" and it was a huge local hit, but could not quite 'break' out in time to beat the Monkees version which was released a few weeks after theirs.

Tower decided to scrap promotion and the band attempted to record a another 45 of original material. Management took them to Akron Recording and they recorded a demo, believed to be called "Purpose and Destination", to which a local school band added orchestration. Tower rejected it and the band never issued addtional recordings.

to be continued and added on....