Avon, 1966-70

Revelation pic

Revelation was formed in 1966 in an Avon garage by members Tom Gorham on vocals, Harry Schatschneider on keyboards, Bruce Colart on guitar, and BIll Keller on bass jamming to some of the popular songs on the radio at that time. Soon after they added fellow Avon classmate, Bob Leathers on drums and concentrated on more progressive songs in the genre called "underground". The  band progressed by  playing for a variety of  events the included local fairs and high school  dances. 

In 1969 they replaced Bruce with Avon Lake guitarists Bil Dersi and Jim Pustulka and showcased their performance in Cleveland clubs like La Cave, Agora, Plato, and Utopia. In 1969 they were playing Cleveland regularly and established a loyal following promoting them to headliners at college campuses and a variety of club venues the included Cyrus Erie West(aka the North Ridgeville Hullabaloo). The Revelation had a few originals in their sets and produced some of their own demos but never got a recording contract.

By the summer of 1970 college curricula and the need to maintain draft deferments led to the breakup of Revelation. Many of the band members still communicate with each other today, which led to their reunion in 2008 performing two nights to a standing room only crowd in Avon

Story by Bill Keller