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Revelation Funk 

Akron, 1970-73

Revelation Funk were formed by some Akron high school students around 1969. One of the members was James Ingram, but surprisingly considering his future success, he was not the featured lead singer. Other members included John Birkett and Bernard Lawson.

For the band's first couple years they played in the Akron area and released two 45s. One on the Gold Plate label, the label partially operated by Akron's Harmonics, and one for the Bear Kat label, a short lived operation by Cy Merriman, who had been involved with Akron Recording. 

Around 1972 the band moved to Los Angeles to try and crack the music scene but never acheived their goal of getting a record deal. After a year or two all the members except Ingram moved back to Ohio. 

Elastic Lover / Bear Funk - Gold Plate 1013/4
Anybody Have Faith / Running -Bear Kat 100 (some copies have black/white labels, others have some gold color added).