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the Rhode Runners

Groveport, 1962-5

The Rhode Runners made one 45 in 1964, recorded and pressed at Magnetic. There was an incorrect story on the band posted here. Here's the correct story about the band, who originated in Groveport, a suburb of Columbus.

"The Rhode Runners were a band formed in Groveport Ohio, they played shows at the Groveport Town Hall and at the Groveport Swimming Pool between 1962 and 1964. They released one 7" vinyl record with 2 tracks, "Mrs. Mary Jane" written by J. Winters and "Phantom Freighter" written by Jan Heath and Toby Heath. The record was produced by Jan Heath and J. Winters. 

The Label on the record is Heath Records Columbus, Ohio

Band Members: Jan Heath - Guitar 
Jim Pease - Drums 
Steve Miller - Saxophone 
J. Winters - Guitar 

Toby Heath was not a band member

The song "Mrs. Mary Jane" was named after J. Winters wife Mary Jane Winters."

The original story was derived from the following online posting: "The Rhode Runners were led by guitarist Don Mangus and were named after the hugely popular Cincinnati DJ Dusty Rhodes. The band was from Cincinnati. Other members of the band were Frank Gilb, Fred Boone, Jerry Hanna, and Billy Reilly.

The band recorded 4 songs with the help of Jimmy and Toody Heath on drums and sax. According to Mangus, were passing through and played on the session, along with getting writer credit."

While the Cincinnati band was probably a working band (there is a pic posted online with the band members listed), they didn't record the 45, so why they take credit is strange. There are no mentions of the band in the SW Ohio newspapers.

Phantom Freighter / Miss. Mary Jane - Heath no #, 1964

Thanks to Tim Martin for the correct Rhode Runners info