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Robbie and the Ramblers / Linda Burnette

Norwalk, 1960-3

Guitarist Bob Carleton provides the history for Robbie and the Ramblers - "I began my music career and worked with musicians from the Fremont area to include Garry Coleman - Tenor Sax (also worked with the Vandaliers), Bob Messler - Drummer, and Herman Adams - Bass. This group was called Robbie and The Ramblers and played at the Peppermint Lounge on 45th street in in New York during it's heyday. The original Robbie and the Ramblers had a sax player by the name of Bryce Burken and a rhythm guitar player by the name of Don Beard from Greensprings. The bass player (Herm Adams) was added later.

Linda Burnette was a gal that lived in Norwalk and as I lived in the same town, she called me and asked if she could sing with our band and we agreed. She was not with the group for very long, and I do not remember the reason for her departure. I really do not remember backing her on a 45, but we could have. It would probably make sense that we probably were the backing group." (ed. note - the 45 was "Rattle Bones Rock" on the Perry label, and the credits are Linda Burnette with Robby and the Ramblers).

As for the Peppermint Lounge, we were the "house" band at a Show Bar in Lorain Ohio called Ben Hart's . Ben had connections with a booking agency (I think it was Jimmy LeMar Agency) in New York city and though the agency we were booked into the club. It was an interesting experience as we were not allowed to practice during the day. Many Hollywood celebs came and went while we were there, the only ones I remember are Ava Gardiner and Sammy Davis Jr. The movie Hey Lets Twist had just been completed at the club and of course starred Joey Dee and the Starlighters. From there the band was booked into a dinner club just outside Newburgh NY. This was located just a few miles from Stewart Air Force Base. This was the first time the club had "rock and roll" and it proved to be very successful. We spent the entire summer playing there and one of the club's owners would take us into the city on our off nights to show us the "sights". What an experience." (Bob Carleton)