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Ruby Jones

Toledo, 1969-1976

Ruby Jones was the band formed by Ruby Jones aka Ruby Starr and a couple members of the B.G. Ramblers, Pete Mousoulias and brother Nick Mousoulias. The other members were Frank Smith and Ricky ?. 

The band were booked out of Detroit and played the Ohio/Michigan/Illinois/Indiana circuit. In 1971/2 they were signed to Curtis Mayfield's Curtom records, one of the few rock bands on the label, where they recorded an LP of hard rock with soul and funk influences, similar to other Detroit area bands at the time. In the band did some opening shows for Black Oak Arkansas during which Ruby was recruited to join Black Oak Arkansas. After Ruby left, the band continued to perform in the same club and concert circuit.

Around 1975 the band was included on a compilation of bands booked by Detroit's huge DMA agency, that was the only other recording released by the band. They disbanded a year or so later.

Pete Mousoulias has continued to play in some local bands. 

46th Street / Looking Out At Tomorrow - Curtom  1969, 1972 
You Better Run / Stone Junkie - Curtom 1976, 1972  only known to exist as promos with mono/stereo sides, listing with B side not confirmed as a US released 45, this version did have a release in the UK.
(LP) Ruby Jones - Curtom 8011, 1972