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the Shillings / the Revells

Dayton, 1965-9


The Shillings - originally named the Revells were started by a group of high school students, mainly from the (now closed) Fairview High School. The band was led by rhythm guitar player Rick Bashore, with Ward Newman (lead singer),Rick Bell (bass), Danny Avila (drums), and MIke Eberhart (lead guitar). Eberhart went to Northridge, while the other four went to Fairview. According to the newspaper story, the band was forrmed around May 1965. The band used the name Revells until the fall of 1966 when they decided that they needed a different image, so they got shilling coins on chains to wear around their necks, and changed the band name to the Shillings. By then the band had Chuck Green (from Patterson Co-op) on drums, and Eddie Chance (from Stebbins HS) joined as rhythm guitarist, with Rick Bashore moving to lead guitar, and Avila and Eberhart were gone.

Early in 1967 the band released their first 45, a melodic, heartfelt teen garage two-sider. The label, Dayton Band Compary, was a music store, and as stated in the article, Rick Bashore gave guitar lessons there. The record sold a decent amount of copies and helped boost the band's status, as they were well booked for dances and club appearances during the next several months.

About 4-5 months later they put out another 45 that was a step up in performance and sound, also issued on Dayton Band Company, the only records on that label, although when the band was reorganized as Sunnygoode Street they - Rick Bashore - abbreviated the name to Dabico. According to a couple newspaper stories, Rick was a fairly prolific songwriter with over two dozen published/copyrighted songs.


The band continued to 1969. In 1970/1 Rick Bashore was in Sunnygoode Street, likely this was restart or reorganization of the Shillings.

Yesterday's Dawn / Just-Like-A-Girl (Dayton Band Company) Jan/Feb 1967
Forgive Me My Love / I Call To Her (Dayton Band Company)