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Skip Robinson (Trio) / Skip Robinson and his Imperials

Columbus, 1960-early 70s

Keyboard player and singer Skip Robinson paired with guitarist Bob Urban to form this long lasting group. The band, a trio, included a few different drummers over the years. The band started around 1960, playing the Columbus style club  sound that included R&B and pre-British Invasion rock, closely related to what we call on this website "the Boathouse Sound".

Over the first several years of the group they made 3 45s, all locally distributed. When the local music scene started leaning toward the mid 60s teen rock sound, they didn't record any more, but had steady gigs at central Ohio clubs, lasting into the early 1970s.

I Just Can't Wait / Cry My Blues Away - Chris no # (RCA matrix NO9W-4422), 1962
This Little Boy Gone Lookin' / You Must Suffer For Love - Kim  1046, 1963
I Feel Alright / Love Me - Groove 100, 1964