Columbus, 1970-71

Strongbow opening for Steppenwolf at the Veterans Memorial Hall, Columbus

The original Strongbow was a new incarnation of the Trollie, with Bob Hill (guitar), Mike Haines (bass), and Dave Smith (drums). Bob Hill - "We played some cool gigs - opening for Steppenwolf, for instance."

"My late friend Billy Leggett, who was president of a Motorcycle Club, tried to record that performance. I gave him a small tape recorder/mic to use. But he was high and when we started playing, he thought it was too loud so he smothered the mic with bubble wrap. Later when we listened, the first few seconds were perfect - and the rest was obliterated by the plastiky/krinkly sound of the wrap!" :(

"My Dad (age about 65) went to the performance wearing a business suit, overcoat, fedora and carrying an umbrella. When some hippy asked him incredulously, "Do you dig Steppenwolf?", my Harvard-educated Dad replied, "No, I dig Strongbow." :)"

"Dad went to the men's room after we played and at first there were many hippies smoking various things there. But when he finished and turned around, the huge room was empty; they had all fled - probably thinking, "This guy has got to be a NARC!"

Bob and Mike left to form Climax. Dave Smith met Bill Bendler when both were playing in the Rhodes Brothers touring band and ressurected the Strongbow name.

Recording in Cleveland (Cleveland Recording?)

thanks to Bob Hill